Shark Vancore: The real Street Fighter

Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, BMW and KTM have all made more than one, and Ducati named one of it´s bike like that. Street Fighter. That mix between superbike and street bike. The power of a rocket in a naked bike that will expose us to winds speeds so high, it will try to knock us down with each twist of our motorcycle hybrid. Naked bikes became popular amongst the crowd, and we got amazing bikes like the Ducati Monster, the BMW K1300R, The Ducati Monster, the BMW S1000R or the KTM Duke family. The Kawasaki ER6N and the well loved Suzuki SV650, or the long story of Yamaha’s FZ line. They all share the same rebellious, illogical gene, where style trumps over function and our inner hooligan comes to float. Street Fighters. Our date today is with the KTM Duke 690 to test the Shark Vancore in it’s natural habitat.


The rebellious look of the Vancore goes well with any bike, but nothing compares to it´s natural naked state.

With every new trend new behaviors emerge, and things that go with it. The hispter beard, the grunge t shirt, the hippy hair, you name it. 2 years ago we got one of the quintessential street fighters elements. The shieldless full face helmet with MX googles. Hooligan aesthetics that came along with the ultra popular MT-09 (or FZ-09 for you guys in the States), that went overboard to spread all over the motorcycle industry.



The Vancore and the Marsupial helmet bag go hand in hand for those of us who commute in our bikes everyday.

There’s not a lot of science into it, a good helmet, MX googles, retro or modern and there you have it. An urban warrior worthy of the naked bikes that made them popular in the same place. Some brands integrated this trend into their style, however none did it as well as Shark with the Raw and Vancore line.


Light and small but extremely comfortable. Perfect for the everyday rider and his needs.

The Vancore is a full face helmet designed by the french company clearly thinking of the hooligan crowd, with a modern twist to it. It’s a tight fit – very fit – with an amazing field of vision and Carl Zeiss designed googles, as all Shark Googles, and a sturdy chin protector. Besides the Raw helmet, there is just nothing like it on the market.


Being a modern day rebel doesn’t mean it’s uncomfortable. Big ventilations, ear pockets for your intercom needs and a quick release system for the googles are some of the features on this helmet.

A tight fit that allows just the right amount of air come in, but surprisingly not enough water in the rain, and googles you’ll have trouble fogging. The quick release system is versatile enough to stretch them over the helmet, or just leave them hanging from one side. Once on everything gets a little darker and you are in clandestine mode. In a politically correct world filled with rules, the Vancore is a welcomed return to the rebellious nature of the anonymous motorcycle rider and it’s unique personality. I love it.


Design and function in one protective item that goes into the fashion style territory. Finally style has come into motorcycle apparel.

It’s the start of a new era in the motorcycle apparel world for us riders, where fashion meets protection and we get more than «power rangers» gear. For those not into the retro style, this modern take will certainly appeal.


Photographs by Vanesa Cardona.

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